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Auto Librarian Cloud SE - Bringing Auto Librarian Server's Catalog to the Cloud.

How it Works

Auto Librarian Cloud SE extends your collection out of the walls of your library and onto every patron's Cloud connected computer or mobile device. Rather than a patron having to wait and go the library to see if a material is available he or she can simply do a Search from their Cloud connected device, at home or anywhere. The Auto Librarian Cloud SE is also another way to extend your Remote Card Catalog presence in the library or into classrooms by logging in with any available computer. Rather than having a few Remote Card Catalog computer searching stations you can now have as many as you want and there is no networking involved!

Auto Librarian Cloud SE is a brand new upgrade from our previous offering the Auto Librarian SE Internet Catalog. The new Auto Librarian Cloud SE is light weight and super fast. The Auto Librarian Cloud SE's new search capabilities enables all categories (Title, Callnumber, Author, and Subject) to be searched simultaneously with lightning speed. The only hinderance is your internet connected speed. Large search results can be instantly paged into mangageable sizes from 25 to 50 records at a time and almost instantly further refined with every keystroke. As you type the Results Grid is continuously updating. Try our Demo below to experience the speed and versatility for yourself. We have removed check out status of the material and have focused on the what is available in your library's collection. Another feature which requires an ISBN number in the book record is a View link which automatically connects to Google Books for a wealth of additional information about the book.

Updating your Auto Librarian Server's collection to the Cloud is super simple. Just attach your normal everyday backup to an email to us and we will handle the rest. No more waiting for your collection to sync up. The premise is that you will want to update your collection periodically after a certain number of new book entries, probably a few time a year. For libraries wanting real time connectivity to the book and borrower databases Auto is still the best solution. For libraries with limited budgets Auto Librarian Cloud SE is a cost effective solution to have your collection searchable in the Cloud.

Account Details

Auto Librarian Cloud SE is super economical only $49.00 a year. Your initial account setup will include getting your collection uploaded to the Auto Librarian Cloud SE. When you want to refresh the collection you can update by sending a new backup via email. We will upload the collection to the Auto Librarian Cloud SE after you purchase a $49.00 Upload Token on the Online Store (or you can be invoiced).