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Worth Data TriCoder 5100 Series Portable Bar Code Reader

The Worth Data 5100 Series TriCoder is our portable hand held data collection bar code scanner. These powerful battery operated batch data collectors store scanned bar codes and keyed data in memory for later uploading to a computer. Update your inventory and accounting software or even Excel® spreadsheets easily.

Worth Data has been the leader in small size, batch data collection terminals for over 20 years, and this is the fourth generation of our popular TriCoder - offering improvements in both ergonomics and function - yet still maintaining program compatibility with older generations of Worth Data TriCoders1. Our engineers worked long and hard to create a superior product - It is truly unmatched by any other product on the market. The 5100 series TriCoders offer industry leading features including:

Small, Lightweight Design

• Rugged, Long Lasting Housing 

• Long Life Li-Ion Battery 

• Shock Mounted Color LCD Display 

• Splash & Dust Resistant

• LT51xxH Models with Ergonomic Handles

There are several configurations of the TriCoder available:

LT5101 with a 1D bar code laser scanner integrated right into the top of the unit for easy single handed scanning - this is our PDA style version.

LT5101H which has the same 1D bar code scanner as the LT5001 with an ergonomic gun handle and trigger, for comfortable one handed scanning.

LT5120H has a built in 2D omnidirectional scanner, built in handle and USB cable.  It can scan both 2D and 1D labels.

T5100 model comes without a built-in scanner - this model allows you to attach a separate corded laser gun to the unit.  The LZ-360 scans a 6 mil code from 6" away. 

5100 TriCoder Overview:

  • 2 MB memory - 0ver 200,000 10 digit bar codes!
  • Customizable Voice Prompts
  • High Speed USB or Serial Upload
  • Very easy custom programming
  • 3 Free Built-in inventory programs
  • 3 User defined programs
  • 1MB Optional Look Up Tables
  • Includes our KwikCount/EX Add-In for Excel®
  • Scan Automotive VIN Numbers
  • Double Duty as Non-portable Bar Code Reader
  • Small Size: 5.9" Length x 3.7" Width x 1.1" Depth
  • Very Light Weight: 11oz (Model LT5001H)
  • Rugged Design - withstands multiple 5 ft drops to concrete
  • Long Battery Life 75,000 Laser Scans
  • Fast 2 hour recharge
  • 15 Line Color TFT LCD Display QVGA
  • Li-ion battery - field replaceable
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • FCC Class B, IC Canada, & CE Approved
  • Made in the USA

5100 TriCoder Details

  • 2MB Memory: All 2MB of memory is available for user data storage; no memory is taken up for programs or voice messages. The 512K memory corresponds to 200,000 individual 10 digit bar codes that can be stored in memory.
  • Small but Powerful: The LT5101H is less than 11 ounces, complete with integrated bar code laser scanner, gun handle, and Li-ion battery.
  • Simple Operation: Each scan and each time you press the Enter key, data is stored in the unit for later uploading to your host software, a file, or directly into Excel.
  • Voice Prompting in Addition to the LCD Display: You can pre-record up to 99 custom audible voice messages in addition to the standard displayable prompts on the 15 Line LCD. Your pre-recorded messages play at the times you have specified. The voice messages are clear and easily heard through either the high quality speaker. Voice messages are not required. You can use the traditional display only, or display in conjunction with voice prompts. Voice messages are beneficial in dimly lit or extreme cold areas, can facilitate faster scanning, and can be recorded in any language. This is a Worth Data exclusive and patented feature.
  • USB Interface: For USB interface, all models of the TriCoder feature built-in USB for quick connection and easy communication using the C25 USB Cable. Data can be uploaded into a file or directly into the application programs as keyboard data. Full speed USB Uploading (using our supplied high-speed USB driver) transfers data 40 times faster than your serial port, and hundreds of times faster than your keyboard! USB offers the best of both worlds - simple keyboard input and lightning-fast data uploads, firmware changes, program uploads/downloads, voice uploads, setup, and table downloads. The Integrated Hardware Utilities [DOWNLOAD] supports USB uploads and downloads in Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP. In addition the 51000 TriCoders work on both 32-bit or 64-bit systems.
  • Temperature Monitoring and Recording: The TriCoder can also be used to collect temperature data using our TP51 Temperature Probe. The TP51 Temperature Probe can be used to check internal temperature of foods and liquids, while the TriCoder alerts the operator if the measured temperature is outside the pre-determined safe range. Temperature data can be date and time stamped, giving you precise temperature and time records to upload to your computer. The TP51 is only $199.00.
  • Serial Uploading: The TriCoder can also be connected to a RS-232 serial port. Data can then be uploaded to any computer with a serial port into a file or directly into the application programs. The Hardware Utilities for Windows is included for uploading of data and programs to the host computer via the Serial port.
  • Excel Plug-In included Free! Using the free KwikCount/EX™ add-in you can easily upload your collected data directly into Excel - just identify which worksheet columns you wish the TriCoder data to be flowed into and which field sequence (i.e. the stock number) is the controlling "key" or "lookup" field and then link the additional collected data to the appropriate column(s) in your worksheet.
  • No Programming Necessary: You don't need to program the TriCoder if you can use either of the three built-in programs provided. Here's what they do: 
    • Program 1 records all bar codes read.
    • Program 2 records item numbers and quantities (Including playing of Voice Messages).
    • Program 3 also records item numbers and quantities - with automated Qty "1" entry
  • Easy Programming: The TriCoder comes with its own built-in program generator. You just describe the text and sequence of prompts plus the input data characteristics. The TriCoder then generates a working program. A novice programmer can master TriCoder programming in 10 minutes. Up to 4 programs, (3 user written) can reside within. It's powerful too! Programming features available include:
    • Time/Date Stamping
    • Voice Prompt Control
    • Table Validation
    • Table Data Look Up & Display
    • Each Program can have 97 steps
    • Duplicate Access Checking
    • Branching Statements
    • Yes/No Logic
    • Program compatiblity - The 5000 TriCoder uses a new more powerful program generator, however programs written for the older 50 series TriCoders will still run - minor modification may be required to support new or outdated features.
  • Virtual TriCoder Desktop Program Generator: You can create programs for the TriCoder on a Windows PC using the Virtual TriCoder in the Hardware Utilities. A TriCoder program can be written, stored and tested on the computer, and then downloaded to the TriCoder. The Hardware Utilities, with the Virtual TriCoder, is included with all TriCoder's and can be downloaded from our Download Page. Programs can easily be written right on the TriCoder unit if desired. Using the Virtual TriCoder is helpful for people who prefer to develop on their desktop, or who have several very complicated programs that they want to test and develop for later downloading to the TriCoder. You can even download and run the Virtual TriCoder to evaluate TriCoder programming before you buy!
  • Firmware Updates: Update to latest firmware via USB or serial  - The latest firmware is always available for download from this website. Take advantage of new features immediately!
  • Portable Printer Support: The TriCoder supports the easy-to-use portable Zebra® Mobile Printers - There is also support for the QL320 Plus, QL 220 Plus, and the QL 420 Plus - all using our C13 Serial Printer Cable. Using standard TriCoder programming, data collected in the TriCoder can be sent to any serial printer for receipt printing, label printing or any other use. These printers greatly increase the functionality of the TriCoder.
  • Double Duty: The TriCoder can function as a stationary on-line reader also, performing double duty. For example, the retailer can use the TriCoder as a Point of Sale reader (from wall power), or it can be used as a portable to take a physical inventory.
  • Low Price-No Hidden Costs: A starter system of one LT5101 TriCoder with built in Laser Scanner and a USB cable is just $699.00 The LT5101H TriCoder with built in Laser Scanner and the ergonomic gun handle is $799.00 with a C25 USB Cable - Unlike other manufacturers who have hidden costs, there is nothing else to buy at this low price. This is the Plug and Play price. There is no uploading station or software development package to purchase.
  • Every TriCoder includes the uploading software, choice of serial or USB upload interface (a C25 USB upload cable is included in the prices above), manual/documentation, shoulder strap, voice recording tools, and everything necessary to program and use the TriCoder are included. 
  • Rugged Design Features: The 5100 TriCoders are completely redesigned from the ground up. Our tests show no damage after multiple 5 foot drops to concrete. We have implemented several design features to improve the toughness of the unit including:
    • Single Main PCB Design for High Reliability
    • 70 Durometer Silicone Rubber Shock Bumper
    • Dust & Splash Resistant Design Features
    • Built-In I/O Connector Cover
    • Long Life Single Power & Data I/O Connector
    • Sealed Keypad design to prevent contamination from entering unit
    • Special Coated Keys for long life
    • Robust .060" Thick, Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate LCD Overlay
    • Shock Mounted LCD Module
    • Battery Door and/or Handle are Mechanically Screwed Down
    • Tough Thick Wall Polycarbonate Plastic Housing
    • Black Color - Reduces Appearance of Dirt & Grime
    • Integrated Rugged Strap Eyelet
    • Improved Ergonomics 
  • Ergonomic:The 5100 TriCoder has been designed with the ergonomics of the user in mind. We have added a high visibility 15 Line TFT Color QVGA LCD Display without increasing the overall size of the unit. In addition to the new LCD the keypad layout has been designed to make scanning and keying easier. The small size and weight of the unit along with the curved shape make it very easy to hold and scan for long periods of time. Our biggest ergonomic change involves the addition of the gun handle on the LT5001H, LT5000 and LT5020H models. The handle makes scanning much easier for long term use and was one of our most requested features.
  • Bar Code Scanning: The LT5101 & LT5101H TriCoders come with a high speed 1D barcode laser scanner built right into the top of the unit. When you press the scan button, or the trigger on the handle, a laser beam scans at 100 times per second to pick up even poorly printed or damaged bar codes easily. The unit can also scan very high density codes with narrow bars as small as 2.5mil .0025" (0.064mm) - equivalent to 23cpi Code 39! Below is the chart of the typical range of reading on the LT5001 & LT5001H with the Integrated Laser Engine. A 6 mil barcode is considered high density, the 10mil and 14mil are typical general purpose medium density, and the 40 mil and 100 mil are large low density codes.


The LT5100 TriCoders come with a more powerful high speed 1D barcode laser scanner built right into the top of the unit that offers additional reading range and includes an optional aiming dot to help in tough scanning situations.. When you press the scan button, or the trigger on the handle, a laser beam scans at 100 times per second to pick up even poorly printed or damaged bar codes easily. It has a 30% increase in reading range compared to the LT5001 units plus it can scan very high density codes with narrow bars as small as 2.5mil .0025" (0.064mm) - equivalent to 23cpi Code 39!

The T5100 TriCoder is available with your choice of corded Worth Data Laser Scanners. Add one of our more powerful corded laser scanners such as the LZ360 for a versatile scanning package. 

The LT5101, LT5101H, LT5100 and the T5100 read standard 1D Bar code including; UPC/EAN, UCC-EAN-128, Code 39, Full ASCII Code 39, Code 128, GS1-128, ITF-14, GTIN, Codabar, MSI Plessey, GS1 DataBar (RSS-14) omni and stacked variants, ITF Interleaved 2 of 5, Standard 2 of 5, Bookland EAN, Code 11, LabelCode4, LabelCode5, Storage Tek, and Code 93. The reader auto discriminates automatically.

2D Matrix & Omni-Directional Bar Code Scanning 

The LT5120H TriCoders come with an omni-directional 2D barcode scanner built right into the top of the unit. When you press the scan button, or the trigger on the handle, a high speed 100 scan per second imaging engine scans 2D matrix barcodes, as well as standard 1D bar codes easily. The scan imager is also omni-directional, so you don't have to have the bar code lined up to scan it. 

It reads all popular 2D matrix type bar codes such as PDF417, MicroPDF417, MaxiCode, DataMatrix (ECC 2000), Composite Codes, Aztec, QR Code, and MicroQR Code, as well as the Postal Codes USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code, US Postnet, US Planet, UK Postal, Japan Postal, Australian Postal, and Dutch Postal, along with many others. The 2D bar code can have up to 99 characters encoded in the code.

In addition, it still reads the standard 1D barcodes including; UPC/EAN, UCC-EAN 128, Code 39, Full ASCII Code 39, TriOptic Code 39, Code 32, Code 128, Codabar, MSI, Code 11, GS1 DataBar, Composite, ITF Interleaved 2 of 5, DTF Discrete 2 of 5, Bookland EAN, Code 93 and many others. The LT5020 and LT5020H scanning engine also scans very high density codes with narrow bars as small as 2.5mil .0025" (0.064mm) - equivalent to 23cpi Code 39!

Internal Li-ion Rechargeable Battery 

We are using a industry standard NP-120 Li-ion battery in the unit which has a capacity of 1800mAh. In the event of failure this battery is field replaceable - via 2 screws on the door or handle. With our advanced battery charging you can have a full charge in 2 hours or less! Intelligent charging replenishes only the power used - no need to fully discharge batteries or wait through a full charging cycle for partially used batteries!


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