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CoursePicks Internet Course Requests

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CoursePicks (FACT SHEET).

Traditionally courses are chosen from printed lists typed, distributed and collected by school administrators. The data on the paper is then processed. Only then are the class counts known in order to build the Master Schedule. Course Picks, an online course selection program, frees administrators from the old cumbersome process. Course Picks allows students to request courses online with parental input from a database of courses, sorted by department, using a Grade Guideline list of required and elective courses. Teachers can give a student approval for a course online. Course Picks enables an online "team approach" to student course selection. Sounds good so far right? The best is yet to come...

After courses are selected by students, administrators can see the number of students requesting each course. This data will help administrators to begin to build the Master Schedule and effectively plan for the future school term by managing available classroom and teacher assets with far more accurate class counts than those from traditional methods. Outside of the registration time frame users can login as guests and continue to view course lists and grade guidelines. Also, students can be imported and courses selections can be exported. Best of all no more paper to distribute and collect, all information is online and instantly available 24/7 with 3 levels of access: student, admin and super user. Great, but at what cost?

We know Course Picks will be great for your school and we think you'll agree once you give it a try. To convince you we are offering FREE use of the Course Picks Demo for 30 days. This will allow time to experience all of the features of Course Picks at no cost to the school. Act now to take advantage of this FREE offer. After 30 days, if your school likes Course Picks and wants to continue using it a site will be setup for your school to accept your data and an annual contract will be purchased at $225.00/year. Of course, you can sign up without the free 30 day trial if you prefer and you will be billed $225.00 for a year's service.

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